This is us. The people behind the stories.

Who We Are

We are a small team of professionals in the publishing field, with love for everything we do. We take care of every aspect of our production: choosing the right idea; creating the worlds and writing screenplays; contracts and licensing; translations, editing, and proofreading; managing artists; lettering and graphics; printing, selling, and distribution; marketing and advertising; and promotion and presentations during exhibitions; digital rendering of our titles; as well as looking for collaborations and people we work with. Years of work have given us new goals and priceless experience. We have a lot to say and to show, and we know you’ll love the work that we’ve done!

Our History

  • February 2022 – No one believed but war came to our land. Russian military aggression against Ukraine ruined not only our lives, but also plans. Though we are fighting and keep going on our way. Our comics are available in English in digital, we are introducing NFTs, creating new comics and books. Now all digital content in Ukrainian is free for users and % of income from English comics will be sent to charity funds to help refugees. #StandWithUkraine
  • 2020 – Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, Fireclaw focuses on publishing digital comics, including its own productions and licensed manga.
  • 2019 – Fireclaw continues working on its own projects along with the monthly production of licensed comics. Contracts with IDW, Dark Horse, BOOM!Studios, DUPUIS, and Penguin Random House signed. Fireclaw becomes one of the biggest comic publishing houses in Ukraine.
  • September 2018 – Fireclaw starts publishing TPBs and hardcovers. Participates in ComicCons and book exhibitions all over Ukraine.
  • May 2018 – Contract with Sergio Bonelli Editore signed, and the first Italian comics are published in Ukrainian – Dragonero Adventures and the Italian comic icon, Tex.
  • February 2018 – Spider-Man speaks Ukrainian in comics for the first time. Fireclaw becomes the only Marvel licensee in Ukraine. Singles are published monthly. At that time, only USA and Ukraine are distributing the 24 pages singles in kiosks.
  • Early 2018 - Fireclaw decides to put comics into kiosks, which was never done before in Ukraine. The first distribution network for comics in Ukraine was created.
  • Late 2017 – Fireclaw signes a contract with Marvel and got licenses for the distribution of Marvel comics in Ukraine. Fireclaw is bringing back American comic superheroes to Ukraine after a long break.
  • May 2017 – Fireclaw published its first 4 pilot comics, among the first comics in Ukrainian language, and presented them at ComicCon in Kyiv.
  • 2015–2017 – Production of the first pilot comics of Fireclaw and making of a team. Without a market there was little expertise on some classic figures, but there was a lot of passion. We took our time to reach international standards.
  • February 2nd, 2015 – PE “Fireclaw Ukraine” is founded. Our founder is Italian and grew up reading comics every day. When he moved to Ukraine and found out that there was barely a Ukrainian comic market, he decided to start this adventure.

Our Team


Edoardo Lando

Founder & President

Born in Italy and raised with comics in his hands. Founder and President of Fireclaw Ukraine, and our trailblazer.

Superpower: inspiration. He can make anyone fall in love with comics, as well as inspire us to make them perfect.


Maria Polegenka

Deputy Director

Joined the team in early 2016. Didn’t read any comics before, but can’t stop now. Maria takes care of contracts, agreements, and legal and financial issues.

Superpower: she can make any idea a reality. A lot of work goes into making a comic, but for you, the reader, it will seem like everything happened in a snap.


Anastasia Hladchenko

Graphic Designer

A translator by education, Nastya is the fastest letterist we’ve met so far. She joined us in 2018 and became an important member of our team. Everything you see in our comics, apart from the art itself, was put in by her.

Superpower: Tunnel vision. Anastasia doesn’t talk to you – she has lettering to finish and sound effects to draw.


Kate Klopenko


Got into our claws in early 2018. Has a degree in the publishing business, is a professional editor, and is a huge comic fan. She knows where to put a comma, and how to translate a poem.

Superpower: Kate can brief you about any comic you name, even if you wake her up in the middle of the night. We tried.


Olexander Vakarev

Distribution Manager

Alex has worked with us since late 2017. He made it possible to sell comics all over Ukraine. We call him “a veteran of press business” for the many years of work experience he has. He takes care of all our printing and distribution.

Superpower: there’s no situation that doesn’t have a solution – and Alex will always find one…or several.