Safe And Sound: how to protect comics?

Do you want to have a big and beautiful comics collection? Then you have to read how to protect your comics! Hello, comic lovers! Today we want to talk a bit about an important issue. At least, for those who are thinking about making his/her own collection, or even already made a few steps in […]

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“Price of Independence” (18+): 5 reasons to read the comic!

Today is another wonderful day. Because today we are publishing an exclusive free comic! After the fantasy comic Nohalia Genesis that tells the story of the creepy world creation, we offer an opportunity to dive into the dark version of the USA in the ХІХ century in the “Price of Independence” comic from the world […]

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To the memory of Steve Ditko – Spider-Man co-creator

June 29 2018 the legendary artist Steve Ditko has passed away. He was 90. Ditko was most popular for his input into the development of Marvel Universe and it’s heroes like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and others. Unlike Stan Lee, Ditko wasn’t a public figure. He preferred to work alone, concentrated on the details. Some of […]

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Comics care

Fireclaw cares for you and your comics! Comics can be fragile and require special treatment. You have to handle them with care, and monitor their well-being. That’s right! That’s why if you order physical comics from our website, they will arrive in special packs that will help your collection to maintain it’s best condition. In […]

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Detective comic “Chase”: the author tells about a new Fireclaw project

Today Fireclaw is publishing a new noir detective comic “Chase”. It is a common Italian-Ukrainian production by Stefano Munarini (screenplay) and Rodion Scherbinin (artist), and of course, the whole Fireclaw team! Here we offer you to get to know the author, who told us about the history of the creation of this story, and how […]

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Welcome, comics lovers!

This is the beginning of a new chapter! Here we will publish news about us and our comics, and also useful materials about the world of comics and pop-culture in general. Fireclaw cares deeply for comics culture development all over the world. Why else would we start publishing them? Comics is a universe, that contains […]

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